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We Provide Quality Emergency and Transport Services to Wood County, WV and Surrounding Areas

St. Joseph's Ambulance Services (SJAS) is an Emergency Services and Convalescent Transport Services Provider to Wood County, WV and surrounding areas. SJAS operates as one of the two primary emergency responders in Wood County.

Emergency Medical Services

SJAS serves as one of the main entities responding to 911 EMS calls in Wood County. Ambulances, staffed with paramedics, are strategically stationed in Parkersburg, Vienna, and Williamstown. Additionally, SJAS extends EMS response to the neighboring areas through mutual aid collaboration with other EMS squads.

In the event of an emergency requiring an ambulance in Wood County, dial 911*.

*The nearest suitable EMS unit will be dispatched to your location. Rapid responders from the Fire Department may also be sent to offer immediate assistance until the arriving ambulance is on the scene.

Ambulance Stretcher
Ambulance Stretcher

Convalescent Transport Services

SJAS offers non-emergent, or convalescent transport services, for patients meeting medical necessity criteria for ambulance transport on a stretcher. This includes transportation for outpatient procedures at local hospitals, appointments at physician offices or clinics, dialysis procedures, and journeys home following discharge from a medical facility.

In addition, SJAS provides Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Specialty Care transport services for area hospitals and nursing homes.

It's important to note that ambulance transportation is contingent upon adherence to medical necessity guidelines outlined by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

For further details on Non-Emergent Ambulance Services or to arrange transportation, please call 304-424-4473.

Wheelchair Transport Services

SJAS offers non-emergent or convalescent transport services for patients who, although not meeting medical necessity for ambulance transport, are eligible for transportation by van—particularly if they are wheelchair-bound or meet other criteria. Similar to ambulance transports, van transports cater to various needs such as outpatient procedures at local hospitals, physician office appointments, clinic appointments, dialysis procedures, or journeys home following discharge from a medical facility.


Van transportation adheres to medical necessity guidelines outlined by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

For additional information on Van Transport Services or to schedule transportation, please call 304-424-4473.

Man sitting in his wheelchair
Lucas Bag

Event Standby Services

SJAS provides standby medical services for events across Wood County and its neighboring regions.

This proactive approach not only facilitates a rapid response to emergencies but also contributes to the overall safety and security of attendees. Standby medical services are vital for preventing and managing medical crises, ultimately promoting a safer and more secure environment for participants and the community as a whole.

For additional information on Event Standby Services, please press the button below or call 304-424-4473.

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